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Terms and Conditions

Terms of usage

We request our customers to go through these terms and conditions before doing business with Eresearchnmarkets.com. This section will give them an insight about the terms and usage of data presented on the website. We recommend you to go through the section before you start using our online services which comprise of programs, data, content, videos and audios. The agreement between you and us includes all services catered by us. We update the terms and usage section every time new products and services are made available to customers.

In certain cases, such as third party content, pass-through terms and condition are applied. If these are already present then they are delivered along with the third party content. In case of disagreement with the terms and usages or if you are unable to compliant with it, you need to have a word with our customer care team. Our team will assist within a short period of time. Generally, the solution is catered within 24 hours via a call. If you receive the call in the given period of time, it would be considered that you are ready to adhere to the terms and conditions.


A well-documented privacy policy is displayed on the website. We recommend that our customers must go through the policy and understand it. If they get stuck anywhere, they can get connected to the customer care team to learn about the privacy policy.


You are agreeing to have a communication through electronic medium under which you will be receiving emails from us. Notifications about posts on the website will be conveyed to you via emails. You will consent to all notifications. E-communication means you are talking with us through emails. You also agree with all agreements and notices sent to you through emails have settled down any type of legal requirement in written.


All prices are presented in USD (dollars) and those which are priced in other currencies will be converted in to USD. Changes in the prices can be made prior notification. You need to complete the payment process after placing the order. Product dispatch will be held back until the payment process is completed. We won’t ask for taxes but customers need to pay the charges of duty by the country of import from where the reports are being imported.

Limitations of usage

You can download the material and take single print of it. You are not entitled for re-publishing the downloaded material on third party portal. Distribution of material to the third party is strictly barred. As per this agreement, you are not permitted to get involved into such kind of activities. You also consent with the notices about third party content.

Provision for anti-hacking

You are not allowed to edit or modify the content presented on the website. You are barred from collecting passwords or account information. The content displayed on the website is for informational purpose and need not be used for any personal use.

Linking to third party websites

You get re-directed to third party websites after clicking on certain links displayed on our website. These links are of third party websites and thus we will not be held responsible for the content displayed on these websites. We have kept those links on our website for a reason and it is not close to endorsing those links or websites or information given on those websites.

Limitation of responsibility

You shall be responsible for the results arose due to activities you participated in while accessing our website. If you are unhappy about our services, you can request the customer care team to stop catering these services to you. However, re-payment would not be done. We are unable to give you assurance about the material available on the website and we along with third party will not be held responsible for any damage either.


The copyright about data, programs or reports aka material available on the website are reserved to us. You are given no rights to use this material on other platforms and if done, it would be considered as a violation of the agreement. All material (data, news, reports) is copyrighted. You own no rights to the material displayed or use it in other ways not mentioned in the agreement.


Services, their names, logos are protected with the suitable trademark and copyright law. This material is secured with the trademark of their respective owners.