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The public sector market research reports deals with the organizations that are operated or controlled national, state or provincial, and local government bodies. Public sector organizations comprise of some essential and critical services like defense, police, homeland security, urban planning, and taxation. It also includes other organization and services, which includes power generation, railways, coal, oil, and healthcare. The public sector market research reports are being used by both government and private entrepreneur for their business purpose. The government unitizes the market research reports for studying the market analysis and trend as a significant component to decide the best acquisition plan. On the other hand, the entrepreneurs or other commercial organization use these reports for positioning themselves and to bid on those contracts. The public sector market research reports offer the companies and other organizations an insight into the market trends, products, detailed analysis, marketing strategies, projections, opportunities, and challenges in the public sector. The data which is offered by the market research report of the public sector is diverse, and it can give you significant information about the functioning of different government agencies, establishments, and essential services right from local state transport corporations to national defense. The commercial companies can use this data in segregating and identifying the opportunities and explore the changes that are happening in the public sector departments. The reports also evaluate about the financial status of a particular government establishment, laws of government, contracting pattern, internet, and technology. You shall get a full insight and detailed analysis of the public sector undertaking companies in different parts of the world and especially India, where PSU has a major market share in the overall economy of the country. In India, public sector companies or establishments have around 51 percent share is owned by the Union Government or State Government or any Territorial Government. However, there are three major sectors like the railways, atomic energy, and explosive materials are totally owned by the government, and no private companies or players are allowed to operate in these sectors. The public sector companies play a vital role in generating a significant amount of employment opportunities and also works towards improving the working and living condition of the employee. Public sector companies are just not limited to the urban areas but also have established their setup in the backward regions of the country as well. By doing this, they try to improve the socio-economic life of these regions. The public sector market analysis describes the growth and developmental efforts done by the PSU sectors to improve the lives of their employees and of the people who take their services. It also explains the contribution of each public sector undertaking in the economic growth of the nation. Companies like Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) and Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) are some of the prominent names in the Indian subcontinent of public sector companies. These public sector units are not only important domestically but also has a vital standing globally.