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The automobile industry is continuously evaluating industry which is comes up with a set of new vehicles every time. The automobile industry has seen radical changes in the past 100 years from the time the first car was invented. The global automobile market comprises of different types of groups and subgroups according to which the vehicles are classified. Primarily it is divided into categories like cars, two-wheelers, light heavy vehicles, heavy vehicles, and electric vehicles. It is further subdivided into categories based on engineering, design, manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket. All these automobiles are differentiated on the basis of fuel consumption, type of fuel used by them, fuel efficiency, electric powered or hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles that run on ethanol. The automobile industry reports describe about the changing patterns in the manufacturing and technological advancement that is trending in the automobile industry. It highlights the transformation in the global automobile market and the changing norms worldwide related to fuel efficiency and pollution standard set by the governments of different countries. The automobile industry analysis emphasizes on the dynamics and statistics of the automobile market, which helps in better understanding of current market trend. Globally there has been a significant rise in motor vehicles of all categories. Cars and two-wheelers have the most market share, followed by light heavy vehicles. Many countries in the world are now emphasizing on EV or electric vehicles due to the enforcement of new pollution norms. This has even made the car manufacturers to invest more in the concept of electric vehicles and to launch more models of electric run vehicles which will help in bringing the pollution down. The automobile industry is not just focused on making electric vehicles but also to upgrade and launch new petrol and diesel run vehicles with better features and more fuel efficiency. Some of the top brands in the world like BMW, Audi, Toyota, and Ford are making technologically advanced cars which are available in electric and hybrid models. The companies are also working on making cars safer and secure by adding numerous safety features. These features ensure the safety of the passengers of the car and reduce fatality caused due to an accident. The automobile industry analysis report describes about the changing phase of automobiles all over the world. It highlights the ultra-modern technological features that are added to the cars to make them more secure and comfortable. It also depicts about the countries that are fast emerging as global automobile hub and contributing significant growth to this sector. It has vital inputs about the automobile industry trend and statistics of countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and China. India is the fastest emerging hub of the automobile industry and also the fourth largest in the world. The economic development and the increased disposable income have increased the purchasing power of Indian people. The FDI relaxation made by the Indian government is another key reason for the tremendous growth of the automobile industry in India. The Indian government is rapidly persuading the target of electric vehicles to be sold in India. Along with that, luxury and other passenger vehicles sales are also expected to grow by the year 2020.