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The energy market research report navigates you to the details of all the latest development in the energy sector. It gives you complete information on rising global energy demand, exceptionally high oil and gas prices, and the complications of regulatory and environmental pressure for alternative energy sources in the last ten years. There is an increase in the awareness and commitments across the world and institutions regarding green sources or renewable sources of energy. There is a lot of concern about the pollution caused by conventional sources of energy and thus has created a demand for green energy. The energy sector is typically controlled by the government and the utility sector in most of the emerging nations such as BRIC nations. However, the industry dynamics are constantly changing by factors like new policies changes, increased privatization or disinvestment, and relaxation of FDI in this sector. It also includes a new capital investment of power projects by both public and private sector, utilization of smart metering, smart grid to improve and manage services, reduction of transmission loss and meeting the increased electricity demand. The energy market research report studies the government’s role in supporting the renewable energy projects around the world as there is a great deal of investments and demand for solar and wind power projects. The budding economies of Asia and Latin America that until now lacked infrastructure are now assigning a huge amount of their annual budget for the development of utility and power structure infrastructure. The energy market is currently dominated by oil and coal, with seventy percent market share, and renewable energy has nearly fifteen percent share. This trend is expected to go through a rampant transformation in the decades to come. For instance, wind energy, which had only about 0.9 percent in 2005, has grown to nearly 2.5 percent of total energy consumption. The energy market report also throws light on the new opportunities in this sector, market sizing, identifying and evaluating complex global value chains. The market report highlights every detail regarding market scenario, cost, analysis, price, trends, and forecasting. It also gives you a clear idea of the competitive landscapes and information on the company profiles. The report covers major trends of the energy sector in countries like the USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, and also the emerging economies of Latin America and Asia. The report covers a wide range of energy and utilities with in-depth analysis and studying of the current industry scenario. The report offers intensive data on the fast emerging renewable energy segment and covers all its integral sub-segments such as capacity, industry and financial performance, cost, and prices, sales, and distribution channels. The energy market report also renders you the opportunities in the upcoming biofuel market, global biodiesel market, geothermal power, shale gas, wind turbine market, smart meter, and other energy and utilities category. The report also presents the analysis of the end-user market and the effect of the trend that will be seen on the performance of the industry.