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The automotive market globally is continuously growing and evolving itself at the same time. The automobile industry can be divided into different categories right from cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, and heavy buses. The automotive industry is also divided into subgroups that comprise of engineering, design, next-generation manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket. Automobile industry all over the world is focused on controlling cost, improvement of efficiency, and utilization of alternative sources of energy engines. The vehicles are further subdivided into several categories on the basis of fuel usage, petrol, diesel, electric, CNG, and other hybrid technology like ethanol fuel and combination of motor heat engine drives. In the recent times, EV or electric vehicles are becoming rapidly popular because of their benefit reducing air pollution and lower cost of running in comparison conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles which have emission issues along with a high running cost. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) on the other hand, have a combination of traditional combustion engine along with an electric propulsion system that powers the vehicles and provides better fuel economy than the conventional vehicles. Some vehicles even use alternative fuels like ethanol and compressed natural gas (CNG), which are in demand in both the commercial and consumer automobile market. The market research report of the automotive industry presents a detailed analysis of industry trends and the constant changes that are happening in it. The automotive industry reports will help you to understand the top automotive statistics, technological evolution, and competition outlook. The research reports shall help you to get an idea of the global automotive industry analysis and the recent trends that are prevailing. The research reports focus on the largest and prominent companies in the automobile industry and all the latest news related to them. The report also highlights the production, sales, and trade of the vehicles done by various brands. The market report also highlights the automotive industry analysis of many countries like Egypt, UK, and India. According to the automotive industry analysis of India 2019, it has become the fourth largest manufacturer cars and seventh largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles globally. The main domination in the Indian automobile sector is being done by two-wheelers that share almost 81 percent in the domestic automobile sales. The domestic sales of India have risen sharply by 6.71 percent CAGR between FY13-18 with sales of 26.27 million vehicles in FY19. This boost is the result of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worth $ 20.85 billion between April 2000 and December 2018. The report shows full trade and industry analysis of the automotive sector and the factors responsible for its growth. The automotive industry’s future is greatly influenced by different variables of technology that are meant for improving the overall safety of the cars, better comfort, prevention of, and most of all, better fuel efficiency. It also deals with the issue of traffic congestion that happens due to the vehicles and the climate change occurring because of the emission of combustion fuel engines. The reports not only focus on sales and industry growth but safety and environmental concerns too shown by the automotive industry.