Why Google Snapped Ties With Huawei?

The tech world is now ruled by one big news and that Google is snapping its ties with Chinese electronics giant and smartphone manufacturer Huawei. The tension between them has risen in such a way that it spelled disaster for the tech giant and its customers as well. This was a result of the company being placed on the list by the US government which banned US companies for doing any type of business with it. Thus, Huawei is now restricted from using key technology, which is powering the smartphones manufactured by the company. The most significant among them is Huawei’s business dealings with Google, the developer of the mobile operating system Android.
This ban can have huge implications for the already existing Huawei smartphones and its owners and also for those who are planning to buy one for themselves. As Huawei is the world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, it can result in catastrophic damage for Huawei’s business.

Why was this ban imposed?
Google was technically arm twisted into suspending the Android license for Huawei since it was moved by the US government to list this Chinese tech giant along with other firms that are banned from doing business with US-based companies. The ruling was made by the Trump administration with the context that Huawei has links to the Chinese state. There are even allegations that these ties will allow China to spy on the US and other countries with the help of secret black doors built in Huawei devices and services. However, no evidence supporting this theory was presented.

In order to prevent the losses that the US-based firm can lose due to this ruling, it is leaving no stone unturned to keep the service resumed to the Chinese tech giant.
According to Google sources, they are in the process of complying with the order and also reviewing the implications of it as well. For the users of Google, the Google play, and security protections from Google Play Protect shall keep functioning on the existing Huawei devices.

Where do the Huawei Smartphone users stand?
According to Google, anyone who already owns a Huawei smartphone shall largely remain unaffected from this order. They will be able to download apps and all the software updates for the next three months at least. The temporary license that is granted to Huawei by the government of the United States will expire on 19th August. Due to this, the users of the phone will lose the ability to install or update the future versions of the Android operating system.

A spokesperson from Huawei revealed that the company would continue to provide all security updates and after sales service to the existing Huawei smartphones and tablets products which have been sold or in stock globally. However, it will not be a similar case for the future versions of Huawei smartphones, which will not have popular Google apps like Maps and YouTube. This suspension means that the future owners of Huawei phones will not be able to download any app from the Google Play Store.

How is Huawei preparing for this debacle?
Huawei is reportedly building its own operating system which will not be reliant on the US tech giants. The company’s chief executive, Mr. Richard Yu, has stated in an interview that they are building their own operating system. It was a part of their backup plan if they ever had to stop using the systems that are currently being used by the company. That was their plan B however; they still would like to continue working with Google and Microsoft. After the Trump administration imposed a ban on Huawei by placing it on its “entity list,” the company officials stated that they were already preparing for this.


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