Why Email Marketing Is Slowly Fading Away

Email marketing was once considered the best source to reach to your potential customers and expand your business. It was fruitful too when the age of the internet was at an adolescent age, and the main mode of communication on the internet was emailing. The emails that you send had nearly sixty percent of catching the attention of your customer and bring the business to you. But as the internet matured, so did the customers. Customers started finding the emails pesky and began to add filters to their email, which would lead the promotional and marketing emails directly to spam without even seeing the face of the inbox. As a result, the email marketing campaign started to fall dull as it no longer amused or attracted the customers towards it.

However, even after it has fallen dull, it has not died out completely. But the thing is most of the entrepreneurs commit some serious mistakes while sending the emails which do not bear any fruit for them and fail to connect with the customers. If you are also engaged in doing email marketing and not getting desired results, then probably you are also doing those mistakes which are listed below.
You do not know your customers

Just pitching the sales of your product blindly will not help you to get customers. There are various methods via which you can know the response of your customers. One of them is getting the tool of response or email tracker. In this way, you will be able to know whether the customers are seeing your emails or not and how they are responding to it. The tools will provide you email opening notification, subscribing, and unsubscribing behavior of the customer. In this way, you will know your audience in a better way.
Not personalizing the emails

If you are not personalizing the messages that you send to the customers, then you might not be able to connect with them. Most of the successful marketing strategists focus on segmentation and retargeting for gathering information and personalizing their emails. For example, if the customer bought any particular item last year, they might be interested in the launch of a similar product this year as well.
Have catchy subject lines

A customer gets a lot of emails throughout the day, and he might be scrolling for something that he or she might find interesting. To grab the attention of the customers in the array of emails, your subject line should be really catchy. Filling the subject line just with the name of the customer might not be enough. You have to fill the content of the subject line with humorous or punch line message that is hard to ignore and will also meet the demand of the customer.

You are not monitoring results
If you are not keeping a watch on the results of your campaign, then your whole effort will be worthless. Every time you start a new campaign, start monitoring the email opens, list of subscribers, and the rate of conversion. Note the results of the email you have sent to the customers on the basis of timing and content. Compare the results and then make the strategy accordingly. You can also take the help of online marketing tools as well for monitoring the results and testing your campaigns.

Have a look at your database
You might not be getting any success in email marketing because the database on which you are working might be outdated. If you are sending emails to those email ids which no longer in use, it will be a pure waste of time and energy. Therefore, you need to update your database regularly so that you can get some returns against your email marketing campaign.


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