Things That You Must Always Check In Hospital Bills Before Discharge


Hospitalization in today’s date has become an expensive affair, and the cost escalates even more if it is for a serious ailment. Expenditure in a hospital can include many things like doctor consultation fees, room or bed charges, medications, service charges, and operation charges in case of any procedure. In many cases, there are, at times, anomalies in the hospital bills like extra medication or inventory charges, supplies, or even adding exaggerated figures in the bill, which can spike our expenditure.

Hospital costing can take an enormous toll on us, and for taking out the patients and paying the bills can even lead to bankruptcy. Hence it is always advised to have a very close look at the hospital bill before paying up and taking the patient on discharge. Here are the things that should not be missed and must be contested if you find any irregularity in the hospital bill.

Ask for an estimate

When you are admitting the patient in the hospital, mainly for doing any surgery, you need to take an estimate from the hospital regarding the hospitalization. Many hospitals do provide an estimate for the patient party. It will give you a rough idea of how much your expenditure will be and where you can reduce the cost. If you are not comfortable with single room accommodation, you can opt for a shared room or dormitory. Also, check the ICU charges and keep a tab on how many days the patient is kept there. There can be additional charges in case of a ventilator or dialysis, so watch out for that as well.

Question and crosscheck every test

In many cases, several tests, procedures, and medications given to the patient are unnecessary, and they are added to your bills. Hence, if your patient is being sent for any test or procedure, question whether it is absolutely necessary or not. On many occasions, some medications are given to the patients that are not needed at all but are added to your bill later on. Check all such things, and prevent your hospital bill from getting raised because of these unwarranted additions.

Beware of the consultation charges

Apart from your regular doctor at the hospitals, there are, at times, specialists who come to visit the patient on a reference of the doctor. However, the number of visits the specialist makes, the amount of the bill inflates as well. At times, the hospital adds the consultation fee even if the specialist does not visit the patient on a particular day. Hence, you must discuss with the doctor whether there is a need for the specialist, and if he or she comes, keep a count of their visits.

Ask for an itemized bill

Ask the hospital authorities to provide you with an itemized bill that will show you the breakdown of the things for which you shall be charged. On many occasions, few things like tissues, toothbrushes, surgical tools, and housekeeping are included in the room charges, which should be complimentary. There could be other things also which have not been provided to the patient or being suggested as well, and yet, they are added to your hospital bill. The itemized bill will allow you to have a view of each and everything added to the bill on which you can raise the query and deduct the amount.

Check room rate

There are various types of accommodations available in the room right from the general dormitory to a single deluxe room. The facilities of these rooms vary, and so does the price. You should also check the entitlement of your accommodation, which your insurance company reimburses, or else the entire amount has to be paid from your pocket.



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