The Whistling Growth Of Pressure Cooker Market

The pressure cooker is the most common utensil that you will find in every Indian home. This kitchen appliance is used for cooking a variety of stuffs right from rice, lentils, soups, boiled vegetables, and meat curry. The pressure cooker allows us to prepare delicious food in less amount of time. The pressure cooker makes the food preparation work in the kitchen very easy especially for the housewives who have to cook meals in a large amount for their families. Normally, it would take a hefty amount of time to cook all the foods in different utensils. But with pressure cookers, the amount of time is deducted nearly forty percent and in an effortless manner.

The process of cooking food in the cooker is quite easy. Almost anything that can be cooked with water-based liquid can be prepared in the cooker. The appliance works by trapping the steam inside the cookers that is created by boiling the food inside the vessel. It then leads to a rise in the internal pressure and the temperature to rise. It often results into the frequent output of steam through the whistle output that you hear in the kitchen. This also reminds us about the reminders of our mother when they said to us about turning off the stove after hearing two to three whistles of the pressure cooker.

There is a great demand for pressure cookers in India, and you will find them in every house and hotels. They are available in various sizes and are measured in liters. The smallest cooker comes in the size of 2 liters, and the biggest one comes in the capacity of 5 liters. There are various recipes that you can try while cooking with the pressure cooker.

Cooking with a pressure cooker is also economically viable for you. As you can cook huge amount of food in less amount of time, it also allows you to save precious gas as well that is used for cooking and heating the food. Now along with the conventional cookers, the electric cookers are also making their presence felt in the Indian homes, but that is in limited number. The cooker is of the largest non-electric kitchen appliance that is sold as it is widely used in every home and eateries.

Cookers find buyers in all the classes of people, whether they are rich, middle class or lower income group. You will find cookers in urban homes and restaurants and also in the houses of the villages. There many companies which are in the market and has been doing the business of selling pressure cookers for years together. Some of the prominent names are TTK Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon, Jaipan, and Butterfly which has a substantial say in the market of the cookers. There are some small players too who are present in the business, but their presence is very miniscule in number. The main competition is among the big players who are placing their bets to attract the maximum number of customers towards themselves.

The increasing number of homes and nuclear family system is playing the role of a big contributor for the increased sales of pressure cookers. The companies are also offering new models to the customers with better safety and cooking system so that the valuable time of the customer can get saved while preparing the food. The pressure cooker market in India is projected to grow at a rate of CAGR 12 percent during 2015-2020. With the increased disposable income and expansion of the cities and development of new homes, this figure can grow even more in the future.


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