The Smiling Growth Of The Baby Diapers Market

Babies are nothing less than little angels on the earth. Their innocent giggles and laughs can make anyone’s day. They are small and delicate and are the little bundles of joy. With a baby in the house, there is never a dull moment. From the time a baby is born, it requires special care and love. The tender nature of the baby has to be specially taken care of since, at this time, they have a high risk of getting exposed to several kinds of ailment or health issues. Since they are a bit fragile during this time, there can be no compromise done regarding their care.

Baby’s hygiene is one thing that we have to look after especially. Babies can eat and sleep at any time. They do not have any kind of control on the urine or feces discharge. They can spill out their urine shower at any time and drop the bomb of execration as well. Therefore, you never know when the baby will make such a move and can make a real mess of your clothes or the bed sheets. The diapers at such time become the real savior for us. The diapers or nappies are a type of underwear that you can put on a baby that will help in soaking up the urine without the use of a toilet. It shall also help in containing the waste products inside the nappies and prevent the outer cloth for soiling.

Diapers generally need changing by a third person or the parents from time to time. These are usually made by disposable material which can be used only once. They are mainly made of by a fix of materials which contains fibers, cotton, fabric, hemp, microfiber, and even plastic fibers. These diapers are mainly meant for those babies who are not potty trained. It is a big relief for those parents who have to sometimes travel with their babies. The diapers help in containing the soiled execration within it and absorb the urine. It also helps in keeping the baby hygienic and prevents any kind of illness that can happen due to soiled or wet pants due to urination or defecation by the baby.

Baby diapers are on the priority shopping list of those parents who have a small toddler with them. This saves from the trouble of frequently changing the clothes of the baby.
Baby diapers fall in the category of baby care products and are a highly used product as well. To make sure that the baby remains healthy and comfortable the companies are introducing high absorbent materials and making the diapers stretchable as well for hassle-free movement of the baby. Mamypoko Pants, Huggies, Pampers Libero, and Snuggles are some of the major brands that are present in the market.

The population of India is on the rise and daily on an average, nearly 50 to 100 babies are born every day all over the country. Thus, it is hard to understand the requirement and supply graph of these diapers.
It is one of the best ways to maintain the hygiene of the babies and also keep the parents’ tension free. The requirement for diapers is on the rise, both in the urban and well as in the rural market too. Though, the awareness regarding diapers in the rural side is relatively low. The diaper industry in India had reached a volume of 4 billion units in the year 2016, which had exhibited a CAGR of 8% from 2009 to 2016. With the current trend of growth, this trend is expected to grow more than 6 billion units by the year 2022.


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