The Raging War In The Smartphone Industry

The smartphone industry is witnessing, almost like a war-like situation among the companies. Each one of them is trying their level best to dominate the market. In recent times, the smartphone market in India has seen aggressive product launches and marketing by various electronic giants. Each had only one thing in mind, and that is to topple the competitor and dominate the market completely. However, sole domination is becoming a difficult thing as each company is holding an arsenal of new product launch with exclusive features that are designated to outsmart the product of the competitor.

Currently, smartphone buyers in India have become too demanding, and they want ample features on their phones, which can satiate their requirements. Bezel-less AMOLED phones are in trend and high in demand among the Indian buyers. Apart from the appearance part, the buyers are also paying great attention to the specifications of the phone, especially to its processors, battery life, and camera. Phone with a bigger display and bezel-less body is most sought among the buyers. There is a stiff competition among the major mobile giants Oppo, Vivo, Samsung Xiomi and Realme. Technically, most of them are of Chinese origin and are in a race to capture the Indian market.

They are flooding the market with new product launches every second day with better features than its previous launch. Most of the companies are providing in their phones Octa-core processors, 6 to 6.5 inches big Full HD IPS LCD display, dual nano sim and micro sd card slot, and 4000 to 5000 mAh battery. Since people here are gaming and photo frenzy, camera and processors are particularly the things they look into.

Most of the phones are either equipped with Snapdragon or Mediatek processors, which promise high performance while playing high graphic games like Asphalt and PUBG. Battery life is another important thing for them as the battery ultimately powers all the processes and talk time. Good battery life means you can do all the things with the mobile without worrying about the battery draining out rapidly.

People are crazy about taking photos and selfies all over the world, and India, in particular, is no exception. Now, most of the phones come with a high-performance camera that ranges 48-megapixel primary camera to a 32-megapixel front or selfie camera. The camera also includes various other features like portrait modes, night mode pictures, Full HD photos, and, most importantly, the high-resolution selfie camera that gives you sharp and beautiful selfie clicks.

The next important thing that intensifies the war between the companies is the price. Realme phones have been the path breaker in it by providing premium features in its phone at a mid-range price between Rs 15 to 20 k. Next in the line are Vivo and Redmi, which are also catering almost the same features in their phones. Since customers in India are extremely price-conscious, they go for the phones, which provide them the best features at the most reasonable price. Even though the price is a factor, premium phones like Oneplus and iPhone are also finding buyers for themselves. With the technological advancements and ever-increasing demand of the customers, the smartphone market war is expected to intensify further in the future.





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