Indian Bakery Industry

The Indian Bakery Industry Is Progressing at a Faster Pace

There is no surprise seeing food industry doing well on global level and the bakery industry is not an exception to this. In fact, the global bakery industry is making huge success and in coming few years, it is going to make new success. In today’s date, the industry is known to have technological advancements but it was not there in the beginning. The baking process started in the Roman Empire and they adored it. An increase was observed during weddings and feasts, events etc. as the demand increased during 300BC, bakery turned into professional affair and several bakery shops were set up. These days, we can see different bakery shops and the business is spreading.

The Indian bakery industry is blossoming and a bright future is estimated for this industry. Totally, 3 million tons of products are manufactured and out of it, 1.3 million tons are made by the organized sector. Remaining is manufactured by small scale industries. In the beginning, the industry was focusing on the lower or middle class but now it is serving people from all classes. Changes in lifestyle and assorted consuming patterns have made it possible for the industry to witness this change.
Bakery products are popular worldwide and so their consumption rate also. With some technological advancement, the industry is doing just fine with the production and quality of the products. However, there are bakery industries which are still totally dependent on the traditional bakery procedures despite of availability of the technologically advanced machineries. With the introduction of popular baked food stuffs such as pizza, burgers etc. numbers of consumers have increased over the period of time.

The future for the Indian bakery industry is promising but it has to face a stiff competition from some of the recognized international brands. There is biscuit industry which is growing by 15% as equated with the bread industry. The success of the Indian bakery industry is because of the augmentation in demand for baked food stuffs.


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