Potato Chips Market

Potato Chips Market Is On Crispier Way of Success

Can you imagine watching a movie without munching on potato chips? This tasty snack was invented in Saratoga Springs, New York at Moon’s Lake House and it was discovered by George Crum in 1853. The invention of potato chips was accidental. They come into the picture when the fried potatoes ordered didn’t come out as they had to be. George Crum was working as a chef took the challenge and slices potatoes into thin slices and then fried them. This turned into a crispier snack and guests loved it. Sooner, they were renamed as Saratoga chips. This is how potato chips are discovered.

Nowadays, you can get them from any corner of the globe. China is known as the biggest potato producer and Russia, India, United States are following it. In United States has largest slice of population eating chips as the sales figure shows over $6 billion per year and employees working for potato chips industry cross 70000 numbers.

Though the potato chips industry is gaining popularity and success, it was in bad books also due to containing unhealthy substances in chips such as excess sodium, starch, saturated fat, trans fats etc. With such negativity, chances were bright that the industry might witness a downfall but the manufacturers came up with healthy options in chips.
Lays is one of the biggest brands in the potato chips industry. With assorted and delicious flavors, it has captured the market.

This brand has introduced baked version of chips for health conscious people. So that they can munch on chips without feeling guilty about it. Other than Lays, there are Cheetos, Uncle Chips, Doritos, Pringles etc.

Potato chips industry contributes around 80 to 85 % to the snack market. The largest importers are Brazil, Germany and US. Potato chips are popular because they are convenient and get along with any food.


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