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How To Protect Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

Smartphone has become something without which we are not able to do our work in today’s date. Right from doing normal voice calling, there are several tasks that we can accomplish with the help of the phone. It includes booking a cab, buying products online, purchasing movie tickets, playing games, social media posting, play music, […]

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The Raging War In The Smartphone Industry

The smartphone industry is witnessing, almost like a war-like situation among the companies. Each one of them is trying their level best to dominate the market. In recent times, the smartphone market in India has seen aggressive product launches and marketing by various electronic giants. Each had only one thing in mind, and that is […]

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Durga Puja: The Global Business Module

Durga puja is the soul and essence of the Bengali community and West Bengal. Even though it is celebrated in many other states and by other communities in India during the Navratri season, but it is commemorated in the grandest platform in city of Kolkata and West Bengal. It is the grandest celebration of all […]

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The Shocking Slowdown Of Indian Automobile Industry

The Indian government may be seeing a five trillion dollar economy ahead, but the things are going otherwise, at least many sectors are loudly stating that. Among them is the Indian automobile industry which witnessing the worst slowdown. The economic downfall of this sector has put a sudden brake on the progress of this industry, […]

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