How To Protect Your Smartphone From Being Hacked

Smartphone has become something without which we are not able to do our work in today’s date. Right from doing normal voice calling, there are several tasks that we can accomplish with the help of the phone. It includes booking a cab, buying products online, purchasing movie tickets, playing games, social media posting, play music, click photos, do money transactions, send and receive emails, track public transportation and enlist all contacts and important work of the day. Therefore, it is quite impossible to imagine our life without a smartphone.

But like PC and laptops, smartphones can be hacked as well, and all your data can be robbed off by the hackers. It can be troublesome for you as they can access all your sensitive data on the phone. Smartphone hacking can be a very harrowing problem, and it is real. It is almost similar to robbing valuable things from your home. Apart from that, there is always a fear of phone being lost or forgotten since they are a small device. Therefore, it is important that you secure your phone from hackers so that all your data on the phone remains completely safe and secure. Here are some of the ways you should adopt for protecting your phone against the malicious attack of hackers.

Keep your OS updated

The software companies continuously keep updating their apps, not only for cosmetic reasons. In most of the updates, it includes bug fixes and security improvement that shall protect your phone from being breached, intruders, and vulnerabilities to hacking. It makes the phone tough for the hacker to break through the system and access your data. Update the apps on the phone whenever the notification is shown.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

Till now, everyone must be aware of the dangers of using public Wi-Fi for doing any task. You can get open Wi-Fi access at malls, railways stations, airports, cafes, and some public places, which at times become a breeding ground for online mischief. Try to use a private connection only or your cellular data pack. Try to avoid public Wi-Fi, and if you do, use it with a VPN app, a utility that tunnels network via an encrypted connection. However, not all VPN apps are reliable, so get to know the best one available in the app market. Also, do not open your Bluetooth unless you are wearing a smartwatch as well.

Lock your smartphone

Today’s phone comes with plenty of ways to lock down your phone and making it secure. The first stage of locking the phone can be a six-digit passcode to log into the phone. But it might not be fully secure as anyone knowing you closely might able to guess it and open the code. The best thing will be to use a fingerprint scanner or a face recognition security system that does not allow anyone apart from you to unlock the phone and keep your data safe.

Keep strong passwords

Keep strong passwords of your email, social media handles, and other apps that need password login mode. Use long and strong passwords that cannot be cracked by hackers. Generally, all apps suggest keeping eight-character passwords, but to make it safer, use a 16-20 character password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Keep unique passwords and not something related to your birthday, pet’s name, anniversary, or of a loved one. It will be a terrible thing to do.

Do not open phishing emails or messages

Hackers send malicious emails and messages filled with viruses. If you open them, the virus attacks your system, and the hackers get full access to your phone. Thus, never open unknown or suspicious emails or messages that could harm your phone and make way to steal your data.



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