How Significant Are The Defense Deals Between United States And India

A strong defense system is a need of any country to protect its independence and sovereignty. A strong armed force is also required for safeguard the borders of the country from hostile forces and also to deal with any internal unrest. For country like India, a strong defense line up is extremely important since it is subjected to the issue of terrorism for more than a decade and is surrounded with hostile neighbors with whom it has already fought wars. On many occasions, the neighbors of India have shown its mischievous behaviors and have tried to infiltrate or wage war upon the country in some form. To deal with then a strong defense system is required, and for that, you need to have the latest arms and ammunition.

To upgrade the military and to provide new and improved arms to the Indian armed forces, India has entered in a defense deal with the United States of America for purchasing the latest weapons and defense systems. This is a substantial step taken by the government of India to strengthen the arms forces of the country which needed upgrdation quite badly. Even though India has been successful in producing long-range cruise missiles like Agni, Brahmos and Akaash indigenously but it lagged in terms of other defense equipment like helicopters, anti-aircraft missiles, guns, and radars.

The defense deal signed between the US and India will empower the army, navy, and air force in a better way as it will get new supply of advanced weaponry. India has already signed on some vital deals of defense with US worth $ 3.11 billion which includes the purchase of 22 Boeing AH-64E Apache Longbow attack helicopters and 15 Chinook heavy-lift choppers. Among them, the first batch of Chinook and Apache helicopters has already arrived in India. The second important deal that has been signed between the two countries M777 ultra-light howitzers guns that will phase out the age-old Bofors artillery guns which are currently serving in the Indian army. These guns will add more muscle to the army in shelling and hitting enemy targets placed on high altitudes. As India has already signed Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA) with the USA last year, it allows both the countries to share classified defense intelligence with is a clause that falls under this military pact. This agreement also allows the sale of other high-tech defense equipment and joint military exercises between the two countries. This is a strategic partnership which will solidify India’s position as a powerhouse in Southeast Asia and in the Indian subcontinent.

These defense deals will also give India an upper hand over its adversaries, both cross border and the terror groups which tries to create unrest in the region. Along with the USA, India has also signed vital defense deals with several other countries such as Israel, Russia, and South Korea and France. It includes every type of defense requirements right from fighter aircraft, tanks, ballistic missiles, assault rifles, rocket launchers, minesweepers, and submarines as well.

Indian Air Force is impatiently waiting for the delivery of Dassault’s Rafale fighter aircraft which will provide the air force the superiority it needs in aerospace in the Indian subcontinent. India has already become the 5th largest spender when it comes to defense purchases with an expenditure that is nearing to $ 55.9 billion. The need for it has grown to keep up the pace with China’s defense modernization and to counter Pakistan who has been a historical adversary of India. Many countries have also shown interest in weapon on missile system developed by DRDO, which can increase the arms exchange between India and other countries even more.


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