How Is The Dog Food Market Growing In India

Dogs are man’s loyal companion for thousands of years. These furry friends have been a friend of the man in every situation and have shown unmatched loyalty. Their unconditional love can melt your heart, and their cuddles are the best stress busters of all. The warm welcome that they give when you come back to home is the most beautiful thing that you can experience. Keeping dogs as pets has been a long drawn tradition for the man. The man and dog bonding have many great stories which are an example of true friendship and loyalty. Naturally, you also need to take care of your loyal furry friend. The main thing that you have to look out is their diet and nutrition.

Like every living thing, they also need good nutritious food that can keep them healthy and active. So, if you are a dog lover, you won’t compromise on that part and will ensure that your pooch gets the best food available. Though many people opt for a home-cooked meal for their doggie, at times, they are not able to provide the full nutrition that is needed for the dog’s growth and development. This is where the dog food comes into picture.

Dogs are popular pets in comparisons to other pets like cats, birds, and fish. This provides an opportunity for the companies manufacturing dog food to come up with a wide range for food products for our lovable mutts. The market of dog food is expected to grow and will continue to be the largest revenue contributor. In dog food segment, dry dog food is more popular due to the general liking of the dogs towards dry food.

Treat or snacks are also popular in the dog food segment however, due to the high price of them, dog owners are more inclined to prefer dry food. In India, there are a lot of players in the dog food market like Pedigree, Royal Canine, and Purina. Among them, Mar’s Pedigree brand is the largest selling one for dog foods. They also manufacture food for other pets like cats and fish. It has built enough credibility in India by various promotional activities, advertisement, and awareness regarding the usage of dog food.

According to a report, the pet care market of India shall continue to grow in double digits even after rattles like demonetization in 2016 and GST implementation in 2017. The pet care industry has grown with an advance value of CAGR of 23 percent during 2012 to 2017, and it anticipated to grow even further. Dog food is the main catalyst of the pet care market in India, and it covers almost eighty percent of the total market share. Like dog food, other pet accessories and toys have also shown a substantial growth of CAGR of twenty-one percent during 2012 to 2017. This is also a result of increased disposable income that has helped in the growth of the pet care market in India. Along with that, ownership of dogs has also increased in India which has also contributed to the growth of this sector.


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