How Apache Helicopters Can Strengthen India’s Air Superiority

Indian Air Force is one of the most powerful and superior Air Force in the world. It has every arsenal in its list that enough to strike terror in the heart of enemies. The Indian Air Force is equipped with some of the best fighter aircrafts in the world which as displayed its skills on various occasions by brandishing on the enemy targets and engaging in a dog fight. They were able to clear the enemy out of the Indian airspace and make the territory safe again. Sukhoi- 30 MKI, Mig 29, Mig 21, Jaguar and Mirage 2000 are some of the elite fighter aircrafts in the world that serves in the Indian Air Force.

But on one part that Indian Air Force always lagged behind was attack helicopters. Due to this, there was always incapability of short-range attack system which can be carried out in difficult terrains and in quick succession. Till now, India had only MI 16 helicopters that are of Russian origin. However, it has become much outdated, and no further up-gradation is possible in those helicopters. In the recent defense deal between India and the United States of America, India purchased 22 Apache combat helicopters from the U.S. It is the much-needed addition that the Indian Air Force was waiting for a long time. These helicopters will prove to a powerful and lethal arsenal that will wipe out the enemy target in no time.

Made by the U.S. aerospace company Boeing, Apache helicopters is one of the most deadly and elite combat helicopters in the world. The helicopter has also got the reputation of a flying tank that can work in every type of weather and inflict extensive damage on the enemy targets. It is one of the most terrifying killing machines of the U.S. Army and its capability to work at night makes it even more dangerous.

The Apache helicopter is equipped with amazing flight systems, weapon systems, sensor systems, and armor systems which makes it absolutely lethal. It is a remarkable killing machine that flies with the help of four 20 foot (6 meters) blades attached to the rotor on the top of the chopper. The helicopter comes with two seating arrangement and has a cockpit-like a fighter aircraft. The pilot sits in the front, and the wingman who operates the weapons sits in the rear. Apache has lethal weapons like surface to surface Hellfire missiles, 70 mm rockets and an automatic cannon. To make its targeting system accurate, it is equipped with infrared and laser guidance. The helicopter can fly at a speed of 280 km/hr and can strike enemy targets with deadly accuracy and devastation. It has proved its mettle in various wars zones including the gulf war, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Apache is already serving in different air forces of countries like Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Greece, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. With the inclusion of Apache in the Indian Air Force, it will certainly increase the air superiority of India in the Indian sub-continental region.

India is already going through a strained relationship with its neighbors, which have even resulted in a military face off between the two. In such situation, Apache helicopters can prove to be a vital weapon for the Indian Air Force and also a stern warning for the unfriendly neighboring nations. It can be even helpful in combing and flushing out enemy targets in difficult terrains of the valley where there are always mischievous activities of the enemy. It is also a significant move for modernizing the Indian Air Force and having a capable weapon which can carry out precision attacks both on the ground and in air.


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