Guide For Decorating Your Bedroom Beautifully 

The bedroom is a personal space where you provide you a getaway from the chaotic world. In the bedroom, there are many things that you do like have romantic chats, make love, and do things which you mostly don’t want to share with anyone and, most importantly, sleep. Being a personal space, the bedroom also requires plenty of attention when it comes to interior decoration.

Like the living room, the interior decoration industry also emphasizes a lot on the decoration of the bedroom.  As people spend the majority of their time in the bedroom when they are at home, the design and interiors of it must be according to your taste and up to the mark. The decoration of the bedroom should make you comfortable and relaxed rather than making you feel clumsy and suffocated. It includes everything right from the design of the bed, placing of the furniture, color of the walls, positioning of lights, and location of electronic gadgets. Here are some vivid ideas that can make your bedroom look stunning and also pleasing to the eyes, along with providing you comfort.

Color combination

When you are painting the wall of your bedroom, select colors that are cool and refreshing, instead of bold shades that are too bright for your eyes. Colors with gentle hue will be ideal for putting on the walls of the bedroom, which will provide a calm and serene effect. Lights shades like lavender, toasty brown, light green, or deep pomegranate can induce coziness and comfort for the bedroom. There is also some scenic wallpaper which you can put up on the bedroom walls if you are not planning to paint your walls. However, it is suggested to keep the color subtle to maintain the calmness and comfort of the bedroom.

Don’t neglect the ceiling

When you are focusing on the walls, then it won’t be wise to neglect the ceiling while decorating your home. A blank ceiling will dull the decoration of your walls, and hence, it should match up to it. The ceiling can be painted with a slightly lighter version of the wall color. It will help in providing a visually lower ceiling appearance and give your bedroom an intimate and comfortable feel. You can even go for false ceiling design in the bedroom by adding some architectural elements like beams and moldings along with some decorative paint job. However, keep the design of the false ceiling simple, and it should match the tone of decoration of the bedroom.

Select a simplistic design

While decorating the bedroom, you should select simple designs. The bedroom should appear elegant, sophisticated, and cozy, regardless of the design that you choose. Do not clutter the bedroom with too many things and leave free space for your movement. There should be sufficient space between your bed, dressing tables, chairs, and wardrobes so you can move around the room freely. On the walls and side table, you can place some decorative items, designer table lamps, family photos, flowers, and candles. It can make the room look pretty and also induce a comfortable feeling in you when you stay in the bedroom.

Right furniture

Buying the right type of bedroom furniture is the key to make it look pretty too even if you spend a minimal amount on decorating the rest of the room. The size and shape of the furniture should be in harmony with the size of the bedroom and not make it congested. If your bedroom size is small, don’t opt for a large bed and furniture that can cramp its carpet area. If you have a large bedroom, you can even add sitting space and other accessories by the side of the bed or at the end of it.

Spend on linens and curtains

The bedroom is a private space, and you do not want any external intrusion or peeping in that. To prevent that, invest in heavy linens and curtains that you can install on the windows. You can buy luxurious fabrics and beautiful linens that can add glamour to your bedroom’s beauty. You can even tint your windows additionally to maintain your privacy in the bedroom and to avoid the heat of the sun to scorch your bedroom during summer.





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