Air Freshner Market Spreading Aroma Of Profits

We all like the smell of a pleasant aroma. The smell is a vital sense of human beings. Among the five important organs of people, the nose is this which able to smell different types of things. A good smell can refresh our mind and make us feel refreshed. But a foul or stinking smell can make us throw up and even make us feel sick. Even when we eat the food, the aroma of it must be appealing as well like its taste. Then only we can enjoy the delicacy of the food. You won’t be able to enjoy a horrible smelling food as you won’t be able to swallow it even.

Therefore, a good smell is very essential for us. This is even important for our house as well. As we live in our homes, we would like our house to be clean and have a refreshing ambiance. A good smell does around 40 percent of the job. A pleasant fragrance or aroma can refresh our mind and uplift our mood too. You won’t appreciate it if your house or your bathroom smells like sewage. You won’t be able to live in your house then. To give a refreshing fragrance to our homes and bathrooms, the air fresheners come very handy.

Air fresheners are the product that helps to give a mind-blowing fragrance in your house and washroom areas and prevent it from stinking. These air fresheners almost work as a perfume for our houses. They are available in the form of sprays, vaporizers, and gels. Earlier, to keep the washroom and homes fresh and to keep the stink out, naphthalene balls were used in the Indian households. These balls were available at local stores or even with the hawkers. But these balls evaporated too quickly, and they mostly gave a chemical type smell which was not tolerable by everyone.

The air fresheners brought a welcome change for the people, and they were available in different fragrances too
like lime, jasmine rose, lavender and mint. These products were available earlier also but in limited numbers. The consumer of India was not so aware about these products, and they mainly used the vaporizing fresheners for the bathrooms. But now with the passage of time, the lifestyle of the Indian people changed drastically, and they became conscious about these products as well. Now, air fresheners are also in great demand, especially among the middle and higher income groups of India.

With growing economics and more money at disposal, this has also become a lifestyle product for many. The fresheners also come now a day in electronic dispensing machines. These machines spray the air freshener automatically after an interval of one hour. With growing pollution and garbage level growing around the residential areas, these fresheners provide an easy escape from the foul smell and the stink. Apart from that, the lovely scent of the fragrance of the air fresheners keeps the ambiance of our homes great and our mood uplifted.
The air freshener market in India is dominated by Godrej with its large range of air fresheners. Other brands like Dabur India, SC Johnson India, and Reckitt Benckiser also have a substantial place in the market. Dabur is present in the market for more than a decade with its brand Odonil. Air fresheners have large consumption in urban areas and towns of India. The sales graph is weak or is completely absent from the rural side of the country. According to a research report, the air care market of India is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 22% over the next five years providing an aromatic growth to the market of this segment.


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