Air Conditioners Set To Glide On Breeze Of Growth

Summer is fast approaching in India, and it is time for the sun to shine with its full glory. This is a time when the school gets it month-long summer holidays and kids enjoy their time to the fullest. The parents also get some relief from the duties and at times go to some destination for enjoying their much-awaited break. But summertime isn’t a generous time on the weather front as it gets hot and blistering throughout the country. The mercury in the temperature barometer goes up constantly. The sweat, the perspiration, and the constant heat during the summer make the things intolerable at times.

The temperatures at some places can go up to scorching 45 to 50 degree Celsius which makes it nearly impossible to step outside the house. Even the nights are relentless as the hot air continues to blow and fries you off even in the darkness of the night. The only thing that can give you relief from the blistering heat of summer is air conditioners.

It is becoming a very common household appliance which has the capability to keep you cool. The air conditioners can chill your house even when the temperature is soaring outside. Earlier, AC was considered as a luxury appliance and was found in some homes. But, you can see air conditioners in every second home due to the growing purchasing power of the people. Technologically, air conditioners have evolved as well. The air conditioners now a day are more energy efficient and consume less power for operating. This saves a big chunk of amount on your power bill. They also come with inverter technology which means they can take the beating of power fluctuation without any issue and the risk of technical failure is quite less.

There are different kinds of air conditioners which a customer can choose for their household. They range from window ACs, split air conditioners, portable AC and roof air conditioners. All of them come in different price range and can be used both in home and office. There are several companies which manufacture air conditioners in India. Voltas, Samsung, Lg, Carriers, Daiken, Blue Star, Hitachi, Sharp, and Llyodd, are some of the companies that are top air conditioner sellers in the market. With the rise of urbanization and increase in constructions of malls, offices and new homes, the demand for air conditioners has also gone up.

In the year 2017, the air conditioner market of India stood at $ 4.3 billion, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 17 percent. It is set to surpass nearly $ 11 billion by the year 2023. The reason for the growth in this market is for rising demand in the residential, commercial spaces. But the main factor remains the steadily increasing temperature which is fueling the growth of this market. With new improvements in the technology of the air conditioners and additional features, it is anticipated that the growth figure of the air conditioner market in India will grow even further.


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