Compact SUV And SUV: What Is The Difference

When you opt to buy a large vehicle today, you find the option of SUV and compact SUV now a day. It is a thing that is known to everyone, but it also confuses the people. The bewilderment comes when it comes to choosing between the SUVs and the compact SUVs. Both of them technically appear identical on many grounds, and several features of there are replicate of each other. However, there are some factors that distinguish both of them and make them separate from each other. There are many companies right from Suzuki, Renault, Mahindra, and TATA who are manufacturing the compact SUVs. The compact SUV segment is becoming widely popular and attracting many buyers. Here are some of the salient features that separate the compact SUV and the SUV segment.

Size difference

Many people who earlier wanted a full-sized SUV are now opting for the compact one. The reason is the size difference, and the compact SUVs provide the best of both the worlds. The compact SUV gives you the full-size SUV feel, but they are not bulky in size and neither in the ride. When it comes to driving in the city and on the highways, compact SUVs provide you with the perfect ride. On the contrary, the big size SUVs are massive and can easily get stuck in traffic. Thus, it is difficult to handle and drive large SUVs unless you are not used to driving such vehicles.

Compacts give better mileage

In a country like India, mileage is the thing that car buyers mainly check before making a deal for any vehicle. On the grounds of mileage, compact SUVs score over the bulky SUVs. Though, the compact SUVs have big and powerful engines; however, they give better mileage compared to the big ones. For instance, Suzuki Brezza’s diesel engine can go up to 24 kmpl, whereas a Toyota Fortuner can run only for 10.1 kmpl. Thus the difference here is quite broad.

Compacts give the same power

SUVs are known as Sports Utility Vehicle, and the ‘Sports’ is used for a reason. The SUVs are used for carrying out all the sporty things at the end of the day. SUVs are powerful vehicles that can deliver sheer power when required. However, power is not something that you don’t need all the time, and driving with 4×4 in the city the gives enormous torque is the right thing to do. SUVs are the vehicle for someone who loves to go for off-roading on dirt roads and hilly terrains. In such conditions, the engine’s power is what you need, and the SUVs provide you with that.

Ride quality

SUVs are good and powerful, which enables them to do all sporty stuff. However, in the hunger of engine power, the handling quality gets compromised, and driving the brawny vehicle isn’t an easy thing to do. On the other hand, compact SUVs drive like a car, and the reason behind it is their built. SUVs are built on the platform of trucks and mini trucks, whereas compact SUVs are built on cars’ platform. Hence, handling of compact SUVs is much easier.


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